BodyComp™ Analysis

BodyComp™ Analysis

Empower your patients to change habits and take charge of their health. Go beyond the scale with the comprehensive point‑of‑care body composition analysis.

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Comprehensive Analysis

  • Comprehensive fluid, tissue, and metabolic analysis of the human body.
  • Personalized picture of a patient’s fluid, muscle, and fat.
  • History graphs and reference ranges facilitate easy data interpretation.

Validated Date

  • Uses ImpediMed’s patented BIS technology with 256 different frequencies up to 1,000 kHz
  • Fluid volume measurement technology validated with gold standard dilution techniques1-6
  • Tissue mass measurement technology validated with dual energy x‑ray absorptiometry (DXA) and isotopic dilution7-8
fluid volume measurement technology
impedimed patient reports

Actionable Results

  • Detect changes in fluid, muscle, and fat
  • Ensure your patient is losing weight the right way – by reducing fat mass while building skeletal muscle mass
  • Help your patients set healthy targets such as maintaining muscle mass or increasing functional strength


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